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Agricultural Aluminum Alloy Case CZPT Dust-proof Centre-Dive Gear Box Of Irrigation Program


Design Figures:
SYF-1-twenty=87rpm(twenty:1 ratio)
SYF-1-thirty=58rpm(thirty:1 ratio)
SYF-1-forty=43rpm(40:1 ratio)
SYF-1-50=35rpm(fifty:1 ratio)
SYF-1-fifty eight=30rpm(58:1 ratio)
SYF-1-sixty=29rpm(60:1 ratio)
(When enter pace is 1740 rpm)

one. Torque capability: 4,five hundred (510 N.m).
two. Ratio: 20:1,?thirty:1,?forty:1,?50:1,?fifty eight:1, sixty:1 (others CZPT ).
three. Accepts NEMA fifty six-C experience motors with .625″shafts, 2″ CZPT with .19″ important slot.
four. A number of mount bolt patterns 5″×6″, 3.38″×6.38″suit all pivots.
5. CZPT power aluminum bronze CZPT .

This sort of worm CZPT has been commonly utilized on the driveline (travel teach) of the center pivot irrigation method and the linear move (later go) irrigation system on North CZPT ica, CZPT pean region and Center CZPT . It employs aluminum alloy case and major transmission components are produced from high energy alloy. By use of large variety sealing and dust-evidence units it functions light in fat, CZPT provider life and good tightness as properly.

Gear Materials
20CrMnTi/20CrMnMo for your selection

CASTINGS Resources
Grey solid iron HT250 according to regular GB/T 1348-2009 Ductile iron QT450-ten according to standard GB/T 1348-2009 Forged steel ZG310-570 in accordance to normal GB/T 5613-2014

SHAFTS Supplies
40Cr,forty five#,20CrMnTi,20CrMnMo for your option according to your request.

Energy To make certain the correct use of the solution we recommand to shell out focus to the specifications pointed out on CZPT technical sheet.Contemplate also the input rotation pace,the CZPT input and the transmission ratios.Exactly where the rotation or other working circumstances are distinct,remember to make contact with CZPT CZPT technical office.

The reducer is usually supplied with out lubricant.The recommended quantity of lubricant is indicated on CZPT catalogue and the very first changed must be accomplished after 50-sixty hours of managing,then changed soon after 600-800 functioning several hours. The emptying of the gearbox ought to be produced instantly soon after the working,with the oil nevertheless sizzling,in get to avoid the deposition of sludge.Check often the oil amount and leading up the oil anytime necessary.


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In depth use for agricultural devices
Guarantee: CZPT precision, high put on resistance, reduced sound, sleek and regular, higher strength

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